Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • 31-Jan-2015

    Grandparents' Rights

    Tonight's post was written by one of our Marietta Grandparents' Rights attorneys, Naomi Lumpkin. When people think about custody or best interest of a child, they instantly think Mom and Dad. A recurring theme in today's society is ...
  • 27-Jan-2015

    Defining Families in Family Law

    Tonight's post about how we define families in Family Law, was written by our Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis. I teach Family Law, also known as Domestic Relations, at Savannah Law School. One of the central discussions on the first ...
  • 26-Jan-2015

    Legal Services - Affordability Not Just a Dream Any More

    Four years ago, I had a dream. I dreamed that Michael and our team at The Manely Firm, PC could expand access to justice for all through affordability. Then in law school, I dreamed that we could hire and train newly-minted attorneys seeking work to ...
  • 25-Jan-2015

    Juvenile Law: A Delicate Balance

    In Juvenile Law, the stories of children that DFCS has allowed to be murdered are more numerous than can be counted. DFCS received a report. They came out to the house. They spoke with the parents. Within a week the child was dead. Why didn't ...
  • 21-Jan-2015

    Domestic Violence and Divorce

    Tonight's post was written by our Atlanta Divorce and Domestic Violence Attorney, Dina Khismatulina. According to the Center for Disease Control's statistics, on average 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate ...
  • 19-Jan-2015

    Family Law and Selma 1965 - 2015

    Last night, I took the family to the movies to watch Selma. Having lived through that era with our own redneck microcosm of racist violence in Cobb County, including living in the same city as the bastard that killed those little girls in the ...
  • 15-Jan-2015

    Family Law: The Importance of Being Honest

    Tonight's post on being honest with your attorney was written by our Atlanta Family Law attorney, Dina Khismatulina. In this blog post I really want to discuss the importance of being honest with your attorney. Getting a divorce or fighting for ...
  • 13-Jan-2015

    Custody: On Your Mark, Get Set, Nooooooo!

    Tonight's fun read about co-parenting and custody was written by our Atlanta Child Custody Attorney, Cherese Clark. "Start your engines. On your mark, get set, GOOOOO," is an announcement fitting of a NASCAR race towards the checkered ...
  • 11-Jan-2015

    Family Law: Auspicious Occasions.

    The Firm is nine family law attorneys strong now, always busy, always going to court, and often doing amazing things. Tomorrow, our case will be the first to challenge Georgia's ban on same sex marriages in State Court. There already is a federal ...
  • 9-Jan-2015

    Your Family Law Attorney Is Your Defensive Line

    Tonight's post on a very apt way of looking at what Family Law Attorneys do, was written by our Lawrenceville Family Law Attorney, Brandy Alexander. Have you ever been accused of doing something you did not do? It could be anything at all, like ...
  • 6-Jan-2015

    Child Support - Three Basic Truths

    Tonight's critical post about Child Support was written by our Marietta Family Law Attorney, Jeannine Lowery. Children are priceless, but they aren't cheap. Anyone who has raised a child or two certainly understands this. As the Christmas ...
  • 4-Jan-2015

    In Family Law, Life Is For The Living

    2015 is here. It is upon us. Heck, it's even four days gone already. Only 361 days to go. That realization makes me think a little off the chain about the practice of family law. If you are like most folks I talk to, myself included, you wonder ...
  • 2-Jan-2015

    Family Law: A Resolution

    Tonight's post about resolutions in family law was written by our Savannah Family Law attorney, David Purvis. You may recall that last year I wrote about discernment counseling which helps couples "cut to the chase" and determine if the ...

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