Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • 31-Aug-2015

    Family Law Anniversary

    Tonight's post about an Anniversary in Family Law was written by our Savannah Family Law attorney, Professor David Purvis. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, sometimes divorce anniversaries: we celebrate annual milestones in life, in part because ...
  • 23-Aug-2015

    Divorce: Thanks, Ashley Madison

    Tonight's post on divorce, Ashley Madison style, was written by our Gainesville and Lawrenceville divorce attorney, Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall. The Ashley Madison story that broke this week has sparked a national conversation about marital ...
  • 19-Aug-2015

    Daisy and Domestic Violence

    Tonight's post on pets and domestic violence is from our newest family law Attorney practicing in Marietta and Atlanta, Megan McClinton. In 2011, a Georgia bill that would have redefined family and domestic violence died on the vine. I was ...
  • 17-Aug-2015

    Divorce by Advertisement?

    Tonight's post on advertising your divorce was written by our Gainesville and Lawrenceville divorce attorney, Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall. The newspaper advertises yard sales, job listings, and. . . divorce? Yes, divorce. I recently consulted with ...
  • 16-Aug-2015

    Social Media and Family Law

    Tonight's post on Social Media and Family Law was written by our Atlanta and Lawrenceville attorney, Brandy Alexander. How many times have you ever said to yourself, "WOW let me take a picture of that (insert thing here) and post it on ...
  • 13-Aug-2015

    Divorce: An Estate Planning Lawyer's Advice

    Tonight's post on what to know about Estate Planning when you are getting or have gotten a divorce was written by our Wills, Trusts and Estates Guru, Steve Worrall. When you are getting a divorce, it seems like there's no end to the ...
  • 11-Aug-2015

    Divorce: The Enemy Within, Part II

    Tonight, our ill-fated fellow's divorce saga continues. To read Part I, click here. Your eyes fly open at first light. You've got to get up before anyone comes in. No one can know that you spent the night crashed on your office sofa. The ...
  • 9-Aug-2015

    Divorce: The Enemy Within, Part I

    She just told you that she wants out; she wants a divorce. You're shocked. You did not see this coming. You haven't even fought or disagreed in a long time. Just the other night, the two of you had a very nice date night. What you don't ...
  • 6-Aug-2015

    Custody and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

    Tonight's post on The Boy Who Cried Wolf in a custody case was written by our Savannah family law attorney, David Purvis. I have previously discussed my concerns with the abuse of the ex parte process in family law. This week I watched an ...
  • 4-Aug-2015

    Is Marital Rape Domestic Violence?

    Is Marital Rape domestic violence is quite a question and is answered by our Gainesville and Lawrenceville Family Law attorney, Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall. Donald Trump has been all over the news and all over my Facebook newsfeed lately. In one of the ...
  • 2-Aug-2015

    Family Law Strong

    Down Time is over. It was needed but now it is done. It's time for Family Law Strong. Family Law Strong means The Firm operating like a well oiled machine, professionally, efficiently and economically deliverying the best family law services that ...

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