Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • 30-Oct-2014

    Marketing Divorce and Family Law. What's love got to do with it?

    Tonight's post about marketing a Family Law practice was written by our Business Manager, Shelia Manely. The State Bar of Georgia asked me to present on how to market a small or solo law practice. The session was subtitled, "What worked and ...
  • 28-Oct-2014

    Legitimation: Don't Wait, Legitimate!

    Tonight's post on legitimation was written by Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis. It's a regular story during my consultations with biological Fathers. A child was born some years back (sometimes 15 or 16 years back). Child was born ...
  • 26-Oct-2014

    Family Law, The Manely Firm Way

    Last week was devoted to training at The Manely Firm. When you practice All Family Law, like we do, it is essential for every attorney, paralegal and support staff of The Firm to stay mindful and current to meet The Firm's high performance ...
  • 23-Oct-2014

    Divorce: Karma is Alive and Well.

    In divorce, as in all things, justice is not always served. The right result doesn't always happen. Sometimes the bad guys (or gals) win, because the judge got it wrong or the case was poorly presented or just because things didn't go quite ...
  • 21-Oct-2014

    Divorce: Do You Hear Me Now?

    There are many books about love language. But what is divorce language? How do you tell your "loved one" that you want a divorce? Do you reserve a table in a quiet, chichi restaurant, in some out of the way corner and there, toward the end ...
  • 19-Oct-2014

    Tackling Stress in Divorce.

    How do you tackle stress in divorce? Tonight's post, written by Marietta Divorce Attorney, Jeannine Lowery, offers a few pointers: Divorce is stressful. Let's set some ground rules. There's no doubt that divorce is a stressful life event. ...
  • 15-Oct-2014

    Judges: Hope for the Best, but Expect the Worst!

    Tonight's post, written by our Atlanta Divorce Attorney, Cherese Clark, posits the long term strategy when judges become adversaries. Your children come to your house with faded black eyes and scrapes, stories of the other parent's tirades, ...
  • 13-Oct-2014

    Child Snatching, Juvenile Law Style

    In Juvenile Law, the Georgia Department of Family and Children's Services ("DFCS") has a Herculean task, to protect children who are being abused or neglected. There is no doubt that their mission is noble; there is little quarrel that ...
  • 9-Oct-2014

    Online Dating During Divorce

    Should you "reach out and click someone" while your divorce is pending? Tonight's post by our Savannah Divorce Attorney, David Purvis, seeks to answer that very question. Here's the simple part: don't do it. Just Dont! I realize ...
  • 7-Oct-2014

    Military Divorce in Georgia

    Tonight's post was written by our Savannah, Military Divorce Attorney, David Purvis. Other than kudzu, little covers our state like our military installations: Savannah, Augusta, Warner Robins, Columbus, Valdosta, Marietta, metro Atlanta, Albany. ...
  • 5-Oct-2014

    Custody: My child, not yours.

    Children as possessions. Possessions as sole property. Sole custody of children, even though the parents are married. _______________ Parent 1 to Child: "It's late; go to bed." Child to Parent 2: "Do I have to?" Parent 2 to ...

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