Clarity in Marriage

Clarity in Marriage

Posted By The Manely Firm || 13-May-2014

Marriage is many things. One of them is an endless series of negotiations.

I've been helping people with their divorces for 25 years now. When a couple are at odds, and considering whether to work on the marriage or let the marriage go and get divorced, they often discuss the terms of remaining in relationship. I think there are a few hard and fast - even absolute - rules Here are a few of them.

Please understand that while these rules are absolute, they are not mandatory. There is nothing that compels the other spouse to agree. The only thing that should entice agreement is desire to remain in relationship. If they don't want to remain in relationship, then they can walk away. And they should.

And for the requesting spouse, you are entitled to know this, demand this, expect this. This is a cornerstone of respect, the foundation of trust. "You don't trust me," means "you shouldn't trust me. I'm not worthy of your trust."

And when that happens, you have to have the power, the dignity, the self respect to let it go.

Michael Manely

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