Blog Posts in May, 2014

  • 29-May-2014

    Better Know Family Law if You Plan to Represent Yourself

    Thinking about going to court alone? If you plan to represent yourself, consider this: a recent Divorce Corp poll asked "If you ever tried to represent yourself, was the judge biased against you for not understanding the law or courtroom ...
  • 18-May-2014

    Silence in the Courtroom - The Justice Cafe'

    I had a horrible experience in Court last week. As is often the case, my case, the one which brought me to court, was not the first case called. I sat through several hearings awaiting the call of my case. What I watched made my skin crawl and blood ...
  • 13-May-2014

    Clarity in Marriage

    Marriage is many things. One of them is an endless series of negotiations. I've been helping people with their divorces for 25 years now. When a couple are at odds, and considering whether to work on the marriage or let the marriage go and get ...
  • 12-May-2014

    Divorce, Hire slow and fire fast?

    There are many different ways of doing things. Few are wrong. Most make sense. In employment, there is a mantra of "Hire slow and fire fast." It means, take a long time to interview many people for a position and a longer time still to ...
  • 7-May-2014

    Divorce, Trust but Verify

    When threatened with divorce, a leopard can change his stripes, with a coat of very temporary paint. "I'm divorcing you," is often met with, "But I'll change." Sometimes that change is heartfelt and well intended. The ...

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