Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • 27-Sep-2012

    Thrown under the bus

    To someone who practices only family law, there are some clear indicators that a marriage is over, that divorce is imminent. One is when your spouse throws you under the bus. I listen to my clients' history, their perceptions of time with their ...
  • 18-Sep-2012

    Yes, Savannah is Open for Business!

    It's been an interesting phenomenon. Ever since I wrote the Labor Day blog entry that our Savannah office was just about to open, people have been asking me whether it ever did. I had started a sequel that I didn't finish. I apologize for not ...
  • 13-Sep-2012

    Family law, contingency style.

    There is a relatively new development in my field of practice, family law. With the Great Recession, many family law firms closed. The money to pay attorneys shrunk so fewer attorneys survived. As a result, we now have a new breed of family law ...
  • 3-Sep-2012

    On the cusp in Savannah

    We are one day from opening our brand new office in Savannah, Georgia. We have been working hard to ready our office in the Capitol City Bank building for the big day. As with our other four offices, we are but a few blocks from the Courthouse, this ...

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